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Patients with anisometropia should not engage in strength sports. If the degree of the disease is mild, you should consult with an ophthalmologist, therapist and trainer.

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A person diagnosed with anisometropia may have one eye with normal refraction and the other with abnormal refraction. Sometimes the eyes have the same refraction, but a different decrease in visual acuity. Or both eyes have different anomalous refraction.

If the difference in refraction between the eyes is small (less than 2 diopters), the disease may not be noticed by a person. But if the difference is significant, there is a possibility of loss of augmentin vision (vision with both eyes), the object is fixed alternately with the right eye, then with the left eye, which leads to difficulties in orientation in space and reaction to external stimuli; a person perceives the surroundings fuzzy, blurry, sometimes the images merge.

There are three degrees of development of anisometropia:

Physical Therapy in Lee’s Summit, Missouri
There are also types of anisometropia according to the type of disease: axial anisometropia (when the length of the axis of each eye differs with the same refraction of the eyes), refractive anisometropia (with the same axes, the refractive abilities of the eyes differ), mixed anisometropia (when both types of disorders are present).

Further in our section - the symptoms of barley on the eye, find out how to diagnose and properly treat this disease. What are flies before the eyes? In the news (link) a detailed description of this symptom and what consequences it brings to the patient.

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If someone in the family has anisometropia, then the development of the disease in younger generations is likely. Moreover, at an early age in children, it may not manifest itself, but in the future it can lead to serious consequences.

In this case, it does not matter which eye sees worse in an adult: in a child, the opposite side may suffer more.

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  • When wearing lenses, it is better to be constantly monitored by a doctor to prevent damage to the cornea, keratitis, infections, and epithelial edema. It is also possible to use night lenses for the purpose of refractive therapy.
  • There are many contraindications for wearing lenses, so the selection of lenses for each patient should be made individually by a qualified specialist. Otherwise, you can only increase the negative effects of anisometropia.
  • The sooner you start correcting vision for anisometropia, the higher the chance that vision can be restored. Correction of the disease consists mainly in wearing special corrective lenses or glasses.
  • Also effective for determining visual acuity is the method of photo-scanning of the eye.
  • The main symptomatology of anisometropia is associated with impaired visual acuity. Ophthalmologists check visual acuity using tables to diagnose the disease.
  • Without a hereditary predisposition, anisometropia can occur in an adult after the appearance of cataracts or complications of surgical operations on the eyes.

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